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    events for unexpected voices

    World Speech Day: The Story

    From zero to 100 nations in 3 years

    World Speech Day was launched by Simon Gibson (Founder; pictured) at the Athens Democracy Forum in 2015.


    The idea came from Simon's work in establishing a free database for contemporary and historic speeches. Speeches change the world: socially, politically, in the arts, business and religion. They play a profound role in holding our societies together and shaping change. The idea was born: a day to celebrate speeches and speech making around the world and reach out to #unexpectedvouces everywhere.

    WSD Growth Advisor

    WSD Sustainable Growth Advisor Andy [Armando] Cristofori was appointed Advisor to World Speech Day in March, 2018 and immediately began to offer assistance to volunteers around the globe.


    Andy follows one very simple rule in life “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the word, are the ones who do” (Steve Jobs)


    Andy is available 24/7 to anyone wanting to ask a question, share a thought, or make a suggestion.

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