World Speech Day

  • Discover your Voice

    Join World Speech Day : March 15 2018

    Celebrating speeches and speech making across the world:

    with live events that bring to life the power of speeches to share ideas.


  • From #unexpectedvoices

    come remarkable ideas.

    How do we release this power?

    Through speeches!

    Join World Speech Day : March 15 2018

    How to Help? Hold An Event

    Find a space in your school, college, community hall, or office: wherever! Even in a cafe! Release the power of speech making around you. All you need to do is join us on the form below.

    How to Help? Make a Speech

    Everyone has ideas. And everyone can have a voice on World Speech Day. Even if you just make a selfie-speech on your phone and upload it onto WSD TV. Just one voice can change everything. Speak out, find an event, join the sound.


  • The Blog

    WSD news, updates and opinion from around the world.

  • WSD 2017

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Going Global

    Students at Solvay Debate give us their take on WSD.

  • #unexpectedvoices

    Some highlights from World Speech Day 2017 promo videos.

    Dreyfoos School of the Arts

    WSD Kyrgyzstan

    Highlander Room

    Palestine Debate

    Tampa Bay Computer Society

    WSD Lagos

    WSD Portugal

    WSD Mongolia

    WSD Dubai

  • Podcast

    Collections of WSD and other inspirational speeches. 

  • About Us

    World Speech Day is a not for profit organisation, founded in the belief that speeches change the world, most importantly your world.


    We believe in human potential. We know progress is never linear. It is unpredictable and gloriously so. From new and unexpected voices will come discoveries that can help a school, a community, even a country. Small voices add up.



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