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Entrepreneurs speak up for WSD South Africa

A fast paced world such as ours is characterised by constant change, new and innovative ways of seeing and doing things, different and unforseen challenges.

To make our mark on this world, be seen and be heard, it becomes imperative to take initiative and communicate our message effectively.
WSD South Africa made it possible for it's speakers to do just that when the theme of Entrepreneurship was selected for this year's event. Hosted by the Wild Olive Society (a Mastermind Group for Entrepreneurship) in partnership with the University of Pretoria, a dynamic line up of speakers shared their knowledge, experience and challenges as entrepreneurs.

Add paragraph tThere were many notable messages. Senator Derian Echeverri-Molina spoke about the Junior Chamber International's role in providing opportunities for young people through mentorship and training as entrepreneurs so that they can bring about a positive change in society. Natalie du Toit offered a very candid perspective on her transition from being an Olympian and Para-Olympian Champion to that of establishing her presence in the business world; and the realities thereof. Abdullah Verachia shared thought-provoking ideas on how to disrupt South Africa by thinking differently, applying new skills and new approaches to the education system so that we challenge the current status quo.
Dr Taddy Blecher demonstrated how we can change the world through consciousness-based education; by shifting from traditional education to Inside-Out Learning which focuses on the learner as an individual and his/her process of learning.

The Founders of Milestone Innovations took the audience through their journey in establishing their 3D Printing and Branding company while the University of Pretoria Debate Team showcased their analytical, critical, quick-thinking and persuasive abilities with a high degree of skill. Of course, our host, the Wild Olive Society members shared their vision, challenges and beliefs about what it takes to succeed as entrepreneurs.ext here.

Add paragraph text here.WSD is about the youth; and intended for youth. As such, it is only fitting that our event included youth. In keeping with WSD's global theme, scholars from Crawford Preparatory Pretoria were especially insightful in their 'Thoughts For A Better World'. Participation by the youth didn't end on the 15th of March. A few weeks later, WSD Youth was launched with an interactive cultural exchange session between the Pretoria Homeschool Community and scholars from the Villa Educativa School in Saltillo, Mexico.

WSD SA's Event Co-ordinators have helped raise the standard of the event to a whole new level. The hard work, effort and attention to detail must be credited to David Raats, Aaron Masemola and their team.
Thank you to Nicolette Raats (WSD Youth Event Co-ordinator South Africa ), Patricia Vargaslugo (Event Co-ordinator - Mexico) and Roberto Fuerte (Global Director WSD Youth).

Of course, a huge thank you to WSD Founder, Simon Gibson for his unwavering support.

(ED: it's actually all thanks to the wonderful, marvellous enthusiasm and energy and imagination of WSD organisers like Vino!!)

Vino Pillay: Ambassador, WSD South Africa

Here is the link to WSD South Africa's Facebook page to follow!:

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