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International Women's Day 2020

The UN #GenerationEquality (12 Small Actions) Campaign:

International Women's Day 2020: The UN #GenerationEquality (12 Small Actions) Campaign:

"Not a single country has achieved economic equality between women and men. As of 2019, women only had equal rights in six countries. Everywhere else, legal discrimination, harmful beliefs, lack of access to sexual and reproductive health care, and low levels of political participation all perpetuate gender inequality. In 2015, world leaders gathered at the United Nations (UN) headquarters to address and set 17 Global Goals that, when achieved, would put an end to extreme poverty by 2030. That year, they also decided that the elimination of extreme poverty — which forces people to live on less than $1.90 a day — would not be achieved unless women were considered equal to men worldwide. Global Goal 5 therefore aims to empower all women and girls — because if half of the population continues to be at a major disadvantage, we will never make progress" (Leah Rodriguez, Global Citizen: March 5, 2020).

According to, "Small actions can have big impacts in making this vision a reality". On International Women’s Day 2020, women were encouraged to join the #GenerationEquality movement and take any of 12 small actions towards the #GenerationEquality Campaign. An example of a #GenerationEquality action: "Movies, books, newspapers, podcasts, and other popular mediums have lasting effects on cultural perceptions of gender, offering women a powerful platform to share their stories and perspectives.....You can amplify the voices of the women and feminists rewriting this narrative by watching, listening, reading and investing in the media they produce" (

International Women's Day made for an opportune time to launch the WSD Women's Podcast series featuring several women from varying backgrounds across the globe sharing their valuable insights, experience, expertise and wisdom - World Speech Day's 'One Small Action' towards the #GenerationEquality Campaign!

Furthermore, we are excited to announce that this series has served as the impetus for the birth of World Speech Day Women, a platform that promotes connection and collaboration through several activities and initiatives around women's empowerment. We welcome participation on the World Speech Day Women's platform by way of articles, comments and ideas for collaboration and look forward to seeing our new venture evolve.

Vino Pillay: World Speech Day Women Attachment:

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