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World Citizenship - Time For A New Way


The world has changed so much over the last 30 - 50 years. I would actually say it has changed in SIGNIFICANT WAYS! From advances in technology, medicine, communication to how we learn, work, travel, relate to others and connect. The list goes on and on…


Work for example no longer has to be in a physical location. Virtually no one uses a landline at home any more. The way we interact or should I say not interact too apparently with everyone owning a smartphone and being more interested in their virtual relationships than the offline relations… Today we carryout more conversations online while having less and less human interactions.


Today, we can become instant celebrities with with the right viral content or simply let or voices be heard locally and globally just like at the World Speech Day Events. Information and knowledge is literally at our fingertips and a push of a button away! Online retail too has taken over the way we used to shop with a quick decline to rate of traffic to offline brick and mortar stores. The global population rate is increasing at an alarming rate too.


Coincidentally, this week, we celebrate 30 years of the gift of the World Wide Web to humanity- which helps us connect more, travel in new and innovative ways, learn more and so much more! The world wide web today makes study, entertainment, shopping, life in general and living more fluid, realtime and without borders!


Where everything we do has changed so much in the last 30 - 50 years, it is a no brainer that we must change the way we live as individuals, cultures and communities in the world. We can’t run away from the fact that the world is becoming borderless and a global village. We can not run away from the realities that economic inequalities, natural disasters, wars and other unforeseen circumstances widen further the economic, political and social divide amongst nations.


The question of closing or opening borders especially those of more economically strong nations is one that must be discussed and tackled. No need hiding our heads in the sand as mass migration to more economically and stable nations is on the increase.


I believe that in today’s world activism and advocacy is now a currency that more people are involved in and creating awareness for issues close to their hearts and of importance to their communities and humanity. Today it is easier to connect with and engage governments and our political leaders. We can make our voices heard. We are the catalyst for change. I for one am proud to be an advocate for women and youth development and empowerment.


If so much has changed around us, then we must be ready to adapt and change to the new realities of citizenship. We can work towards making change happen in our individual communities and closing the gap in the wealth distribution of nations. I believe we must have the conversation about the world becoming borderless and having world citizens! The world has truly changed significantly in the last 30 - 50 years, and we must be ready to change our behaviors and attitudes for a better tomorrow for all citizens of the world.


Unexpected voices can be heard! #UnexpectedVoices can make an impact. - Florence Atunwa Olumodimu at World Speech Day Lagos 2019

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