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World Speech 2018 Video Transcript

Transcript of video from WSD Founder, Simon Gibson

In just three years, World Speech Day has grown from a what-if, into a worldwide movement.

It’s a remarkable success story.

How did this happen?

Why does it matter to so many groups of people?

Well, a little while ago I started out creating a database for speeches from the present day and from history.

I was struck with the question is success in life at least part is about making speeches?

I think it is.

Because whatever you do,

whatever your position or profession,

to get people to come with you

you have to give them ideas.

You have to give them ideas.

And speeches are the most powerful way of spreading ideas.

If you give people ideas,

You will engage them.

If you give people ideas they will be inspired.

If you give people ideas they will follow you.

That’s why leaders make speeches and why speeches make or break leaders.

If you give people ideas you form a bond with them far deeper than contacts or associations.

People follow ideas.

That’s why today on World Speech Day,

people are sharing ideas through speeches

In Vienna there’s an event with social entrepreneurs talking about cutting waste.

In Barcelona there’s a group of artists with ideas on music and dance and film making and photography

In Rwanda they are sharing ideas on women’s rights

In Malaysia on science in business

In Jakarta on the genius of Indonesian culture

In Singapore on education

In Canada on the contribution of Ismaili faith

And in Florence – there’s a great new start—up World Speech Day Youth.

On World Speech Day,

all around the world people are sharing ideas for a better world

And the sky lightens and lifts.

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