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World Speech Day Lagos

Giving #UnexpectedVoices in Lagos the Power To SpeakUP by Florence Olumodimu, Founder Life Developers Network

Giving #UnexpectedVoices in Lagos the Power To SpeakUP by Florence Olumodimu, Founder Life Developers Network

Thanks to the vision of Simon Gibson, the city of Lagos was able to be a part of World Speech Day in 2017.

Social Entrepreneur Florence Olumodimu who recently organized one of hundreds of World Speech Day events around the world gave citizens of the metropolitan city of Lagos a platform to voice their ’Thoughts For A Better Lagos’.

World Speech Day, which was celebrated on March 15th globally had as its theme ‘Thought For A Better World’. Florence decided to adapt a more locally relevant theme that would resonate with the populace of the city and elicit positive thoughts of change and mindset shift in the process.

This was truly achieved, as over the few weeks preceding the World Speech Day Lagos, she got #UnexpectedVoices of ‘Lagosians’ speaking up and expressing their thoughts through social media platforms: facebook; Twitter and Instagram.

The 25 plus speakers lined up for the World Speech Day Lagos event shared their thoughts on their individual profiles and further helped to amplify the message. Florence shared her ideas too.

On World Speech Day, 27 speakers from different walks of life delivered great speeches. This event was live streamed across 3 different online platforms.

It is fair to say that the campaign sparked conversations and we are hopeful that these conversations and thoughts will lead to focus on highlighted issues being addressed.

Beyond conversations and raising awareness after the successful hosting of the World Speech Day Lagos in its first year in Nigeria, Florence believes in keeping the thoughts alive beyond just one day in a year.

It is essential that citizen participation in encouraged in our cities, countries and our world to make our world a better place and the first step in this laudable task is giving #UnexpectedVoices a platform to express their thoughts and ideas.

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