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World Speech Day Mongolia

Guest blog by Ganchimeg Zagdaa

WSD Mongolia staged another significant public event this year at the impressive Lecture Hall in the main building of the National University of Mongolia, to promote free speech and celebrate speech making.

Keynote speakers included: Burte-Ujin Byambaa, Founder and Managing director at Bee Happy LLC, an emerging young female entrepreneur; Elmond Ray Mondigo, ESL teacher at Goethe School, and an outstanding public speaker; and Enkhtuul Altangerel, International Chess Woman Grandmaster.

In total there were some 25 speakers. The youngest speaker was an 11 year old school girl and the oldest was 59 years old. A speaker from Erdenet city travelled the longest distance to attend – a prodigious 245kms from Ulaanbaatar. And a 16 year-old school girl from Tuv province was one of the highlight speakers of this year. Members from Toastmasters clubs in Ulaanbaatar were also present. There were in excess of 150 attendees overall, drawn from a wide range of different communities.

The speeches covered topics such as global warming, saving nature, the art of loving yourself, helping and inspiring one another, ethics, healthy habits and doing sports.


The event organising committee consisted of Toastmasters Mongolia NGO board members: Ganchimeg Zagdaa, (President), Ganchimeg Budragchaa, (Vice president), Munkh-Ochir Terbish, (Vice president of PR) and Narangerel Jugder, (Vice president).


The principal sponsor was Shunkhlai LLC, one of the leading companies in Mongolia and their sponsorship proved a huge success. The event organisers were also extremely grateful to the National University of Mongolia for providing the venue. 


News of the WSD event had spread throughout the whole country with the help of media partners including the best websites and television channels. Very extensive media coverage included television through NTN Television.

As well as Eagle News, Mongolia’s leading news television station, (on social media this video had over 9400 video views), and on ETV’s morning news program 

It was also widely online through websites:,,,,,m 

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