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WSD Singapore

Celebrating the magic and the memories

Guest blog by Suzanne Loh

Many of the most beautiful things in life cannot be bought by money. One of them is the joy of teamwork.

Throughout my life, I’ve enjoyed working with people, in different places, at different seasons of my days. My time with the planning committee for World Speech Day (WSD) Singapore stood out as one of the most captivating shots in my album of memories.

WSD Singapore 2017 was special, because we had created a spark with the theme ‘Empowerment Through Education: Living a Dream, Building a Future’.

Indeed, "Education" is such a powerful word – and it became illuminated in over 60 speeches that informed, invigorated and inspired our audiences at WSD. It also illuminated the Young Speakers Showcase, as students from speech clubs from the Institute of Education campuses fervently shared their aspirations for a better world.

WSD Singapore 2017 was special because our team learned to work as one, piecing together the jigsaw puzzle of event planning and implementationinto a single, complete process. Fast and furious messages were exchanged over WhatsApp chats between us, to get the speakers’ schedules, the programme, the logistics and the food arrangements in order.

WSD Singapore 2017 Planning Committee

I worked with my 8 member publicity team day and night to put into operation our very first full-fledged publicity campaign to spread the word beyond conventional media to online communities. E-posters of key speakers were created and circulated virally to all.

We updated our WSD Singapore Facebook everyday with the latest posts on speakers profiles, programme details and lucky draws. Amidst the fluster and frustrations, we encouraged one another to press on to win the race of completing the event.

And the highlight was that we created a miracle – a 12 hour programme comprising 60 speakers which included an international beauty queen, Lisa Ng, the founder of World Toilet Organisation Jack Sim, and business excellence think-tank advocate Raj Singh.

In total, we reached out to over 70,000 people worldwide via Facebook and our programme garnered the highest viewership figures globally with over 4,000 hits on 15 March.

World Speech Day has brought a world together to uphold noble causes through speeches. For Singapore, we have crystallised this dream further with the formation of a society called World Speech Day (Singapore) on 8 March 2017.

For me, I have found long lasting friendships with my fellow public speaking advocates. Long live World Speech Day, for giving us so much meaning and magic through the power of speeches.

Blog by Ms Suzanne Loh

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