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WSD speaking up

for World Cleanup Day

Across the globe, members of the World Speech Day community will be supporting World Cleanup Day on 15th September : through active clean ups and also by making speeches.

Margo Loor, WSD Ambassador for Estonia, will be helping the communications team in Estonia to get the Cleanup stories out.

In Palestine, WSD Ambassador Luay Qaissi, is pictured (right) working with Her Excellency the Palestinian Environment Minister. 

And in South Africa, Vino Pilay (3rd from right), WSD Ambassador is out working with teams on clean ups with teams from WSD, JCI and South Africa Day.

If you would like to make a short speech to support World Cleanup Day or the environment then record it on your laptop or phone and upload the file here:  

And we will make sure it gets posted on the WSD YouTube channel and shared on social media. Making a speech is often the simplest way to show you care.

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